Sales for Youngs book by Iulius Grosu

Guide for Professional Conduct

By: Iulius Grosu

ISBN: 1-4535-5773-3 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
ISBN13: 978-1-4535-5773-0 (Trade Paperback 6x9)

Pages: 49
Book Format: Trade Book 6x9
Subject: Author Biography

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Author's resume

Surname and name: GROSU IULIUS
Place and birth date: Iasi, 16.02.1971
Civil status: Married
Military service: Done
Address: Str. Bujorilor Nr. 2, 730115 Vaslui
Contact phones: (+40) 749 277 481


  1. "C. Negruzzi" Highschool of Iasi, 1985-1989;
  2. Physics Faculty,"Al. I. Cuza" University of Iasi, 1990-1995.

II.Courses and publications

  1. "Upper Intermediate" Certificate of English Studies, Stratford-upon-Avon School of English Studies, Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK, August 1993;
  2. "Basic Knowledge" course of sales, Mobifon SA, Bucharest, Romania, April 1998;
  3. "Time Management" course, GlobalNET SA, Bucharest, Romania, October 1998;
  4. "Learning Systems" course of efficiency in sales, Mobifon SA, Bucharest, Romania, February 1999;
  5. "250 de recomandari pentru tinerii agenti de vanzari - Ghid de conduita profesionala", Panfilius Publishing House, Iasi, Romania, 2006, ISBN: (10) 973-7876-37-7, ISBN: (13) 978-973-7876-37-9, author Iulius Grosu;
  6. MBA, British Academy of Business and Communication, Iasi, Romania, April-August 2007, score: 9,14;
  7. "Sleep Diagnosis and Therapy" course of product, Weinmann Academy, Warsaw, Poland, October 2007;
  8. "Handling the interlocutor" course, Extreme Training, Iasi, Romania, May 2008;
  9. "AirSep NewLife Elite" technical course, VitalAire GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, December 2008;
  10. "AirSep NewLife Elite"course for technical trainer, VitalAire GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, December 2008;
  11. "Oxygen Therapy. nCPAP Therapy" technical course, DeVilbiss Healthcare, Iasi, Romania, February 2009;
  12. "Organizing the activity of security in work for companies" course, Authority of Work and Metatech-CD, Iasi, Romania, February 2010;
  13. "SEAP for companies", Smart Event Consulting, Bucharest, Romania, April 2010;
  14. "250 Recommendations for Young Sales Agents – Guide for Professional Conduct", Xlibris Corporation, UK, September 10th 2010, ISBN: 978-1-4535-5773-0, author: Iulius Grosu, click here;
  15. "Trainer" course, Extreme Training, Bucuresti, Romania, March - April 2011;
  16. "Sales Director" course, Extreme Training, Bucuresti, Romania, May 2011.

III.Professional experience

  1. Business Unit Manager, Messer Romania Gaz SRL Bucuresti, Home Care Unit, 01.11.2011 - present;
  2. Commercial Manager, VitalAire Romania SRL, 18.06.2007 - 14.10.2011;
  3. Commercial Manager, VitalAire Romania SRL Iasi, 18.06.2007-present;
  4. Area Representative, Oxigen Plus SRL Bucharest, Iasi Branch, 10.03.2006-15.06.2007;
  5. Life Insurance Inspector, Allianz Tiriac Asigurari SA Bucuresti, Iasi Branch, 15.07.2005-09.03.2006;
  6. Commercial Consultant, Alexandra Farm SRL Iasi, 15.01-15.07.2005;
  7. Administrator, Varia Prod SRL Iasi, 01.11.2003-31.12.2004;
  8. Area Sales Manager, Axxon SRL Bucharest, Bacau Branch, 01.03.2001-31.10.2003;
  9. National Sales Manager, Coseli-Iassyrom SA Iasi, 01.05.1999-28.02.2001;
  10. Area Sales Manager, GlobalNET SA Bucharest, Iasi Branch, 01.04.1998-30.04.1999;
  11. Show-room responsible, Intercont SRL Iasi, 01.08.1995-31.03.1998;
  12. Specialty Consultant, High Resolution SRL Iasi, 01.11.1990-31.07.1995.


  1. MS Office literacy;
  2. English knowledge: medium;
  3. B driving license since 1999;
  4. Dynamic, flexible, resistant to hard and long lasting physical and intellectual effort, calm, meticulously, well organized, both general overview and attention to details, analysis and synthesis capacity, initiative, creativity.
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