Sales for Youngs book by Iulius Grosu

Guide for Professional Conduct

By: Iulius Grosu

ISBN: 1-4535-5773-3 (Trade Paperback 6x9)
ISBN13: 978-1-4535-5773-0 (Trade Paperback 6x9)

Pages: 49
Book Format: Trade Book 6x9
Subject: Author Biography

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The idea to conceive this material came to my mind a long time ago and has become more and more clear while, searching in libraries, I did not find any similar paper for young sales agents. We all know how hard it is to start without a minimum level of knowledge, without a directing guide to show us the correct manner of working and to protect us from the greatest enemy: the failure.

The most hidden desire I have is that, in the foreseeable future, the word salesman become generally valid in the list of agreed professions in the true sense of the word and be recognized anywhere in the world. I insist on this aspect because I am convinced that each one of you have met at least once with the situation in which, in one way or another, different persons have spoken tendentiously about this profession. The ones who commit this mistake do not know how hard and how beautiful is the profession I refer to. And I say this especially because irrespective of the position held, from Sales Representative to Sales Manager, we all are Salespersons!

I have started to sketch this content from the first day of 2006, a day with two very significant meanings, and namely: this year I turned 35 and 15 years in the field of sales. Each place in which I have worked has meant a new experience, another stage. As much as I could I have tried to avoid making previous mistakes. In most cases I have succeeded, but I made other mistakes.

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Thinking of what I have done all these years, I have realized that a great part of the knowledge I have come rather from personal observations and perceptions on the situations met that from a series of courses and trainings held in an organized environment. Following this retrospective, this question came to me very naturally: What would have been my level of knowledge and what would have been my current professional stage if I had benefited from a rigorous training system? It’s hard to say. It is certain that my development process would have been much shorter.

This is the main reason which determined me to write this paper, which not by far a solution of modus vivendi; nevertheless, I hope from all my heart that it is concise and coherent enough to offer young sales agents few advices in relation to a healthy and good sense modality to develop their activity. As I have mentioned from the title and as you will observe from the content, the material does not offer a “perfect” solution to achieve professional success, but draws the attention on many severe and frequent mistakes which appear in the sale action. That is why the last chapter entitled “What to avoid …” is more consistent than others. In conclusion, if you will hope that you will find the key for success in these lines, you will be deeply disappointed. En exchange, if you will read this paper with the clear intention to learn how to stay away from troubles, there is the possibility to find enough tips to eliminate mistakes and unpleasant surprises. Good luck!

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